Why is My Blogger Blog Showing Only One Post on the Homepage? Here is a fix

There comes that time you noticed that your blogger blog is displaying only one post on the homepage, when it is supposed to be showing far more than one.
If you have encountered that, then thank your God for finding your way in here.

There are two main reasons why your blogger blog will display only one or sometimes two posts on the homepage.

The first cause is that you or someone else has tempered with the number of post settings from the setting section of your Blogger dashboard and might have changed it to 1 post.

If that is the case, then just head to the Number of Posts section of your Blogger dashboard that is located at Settings>>Post and Comment and change the number of post from 1 to the desired number that you will want to see on your blog homepage.

The second cause which we are going to be laying emphasis on is caused by Auto-Pagination.

Auto-pagination can easily occur as a result of a very long blog post, the size and number of images used on a particular post and also the method used in inserting those images to your post.

Out of those reasons given above, the most common of all is the image size, which is mostly as a result of the method used in inserting the image.

When you use drag-image-from-web and drop method to insert image to your blog post, sometimes the sizes of those images can be so huge that you will not notice that.

So it is always advisable that whenever you are inserting image to your blog post, you should adopt the right channel, which is making use of the image insert tool also located at the top of the blogger text editor window.

Now as result of that common reason, your blog is now showing only one post on homepage, how do you go about fixing it?

You can actually fix the issue of only one post homepage display in two different ways;

One is either you go to that particular post with the image that you added by drag-and-drop method and remove the image, then re-insert again using the right channel described above.

Secondly you can just head straight and edit the last post you made by inserting a jump-break after the first paragraph.

The jump-break is an editor tool that can also be found at the top side of the Blogger editor window; to use the jump-break, just place your cursor on where you want it to break your post  (in this case, we said immediately after the first paragraph) and click on the jump-break icon.

You don’t need to start inserting the jump break on all your previous posts, just do it on your most recent post which apparently was the post you made before you encountered the only one post on homepage issue.

Visit your blog after you have made that change and updated it and you will then see multiple posts on homepage just the exact way it ought to be.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself.
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