Trump’s son: My father ‘absolutely’ paid federal income tax

Eric Trump said Tuesday night that his father Donald Trump "absolutely" pays federal income taxes.
The younger Trump made the remark in a CNN interview with Dana Bash after the reporter repeatedly badgered him with questions about Trump's taxes.
Eric Trump at first repeatedly dodging the question about federal income taxes, instead stating that his father and their company have paid "tremendous taxes" before pivoting to criticisms of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
"We pay a tremendous amount of taxes, and beyond taxes we also employ tens and tens and tens of thousands of people," Eric Trump said. "Hillary Clinton has lived off government her entire life."
After Bash pressed him several more times about federal income tax, Eric Trump said, "Of course, yes, absolutely," before repeating the same line: "My father pays a tremendous amount of tax. We as a company pay a tremendous amount of tax."
Trump's taxes have been put back into the spotlight after a report from the New York Times surfaced over the weekend that found Trump reported a $916 million loss in his 1995 income tax returns which could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income tax for up to 18 years.
Trump and his campaign have not denied the story.
The real estate mogul has come under fire for not releasing his tax returns, saying he'll do so once the IRS wraps up its federal audit of him.
But the IRS has repeatedly said that an audit doesn't prevent a person from releasing his or her tax returns.
Bash also asked Trump's son if he's ever seen his father's tax returns, a question Eric Trump also tried to dismiss but eventually answered.
"I don't study our tax returns," Trump said, then adding, "Of course I've seen my father's tax returns."
He then reverted back to the same line about how many taxes the company pays that "goes beyond" income tax including real estate and sales taxes.
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