Nicolas Cage Ditches His Cheating Wife

She was caught getting cozy with another guy while he was in Cannes!

Nicolas Cage‘s two-timing wife has been caught kissing another man — and The National ENQUIRER has the sensational proof!

Nicholas Cage, 52, was an ocean away at the Cannes Film Festival when a well-placed ENQUIRER reporter watched as Alice Kim, 32, smooched a hunky bar manager in Las Vegas.
When later confronted by The ENQUIRER, Cage’s rep quickly denied the story — but just hours later announced Cage and Kim were separated!

The illicit tryst came after claims were posted online that Alice was having an affair with Carl Foglietti, 39, behind the National Treasure star’s back.

The ENQUIRER then laid in wait and, ultimately, spotted Kim — Nicholas cages’s wife of a dozen years — arriving with Foglietti to The Bar at Flamingo & Grand Canyon, a 24-hour hangout, on May 22.
She came dolled up in short shorts and high heels.
They spy in Vegas then watched as Kim and Foglietti shared a tender moment around 12:30 a.m., “sitting on stools at the corner of the bar, lost in conversation with each other.”
Added the reporter, “At one point, he drew her in for a romantic kiss.”
“You could hear her giggling,” the reporter said. “They also did shots and tried to convince the pretty bartender to have one with them.”

The pair left after an hour of booze-fueled PDA and they were careful to keep their distance before leaving in separate vehicles.
At the time, Cage — who has a child with Kim named Kal-El — had been promoting his action thriller, Dog Eat Dog, with co-star Willem Dafoe.
According to sources, Kim regularly meets Foglietti at the late-night haunt, which is close to his home.

Rumblings about their close friendship began in February when a cryptic comment posted by “Carlswife” appeared beneath an article about the Moonstruck. star on Las Vegas Weekly’s website.
The post, which has since been deleted, said, “His wife Alice Kim has been cheating on him with Carl Foglietti, manager of Grape Street Café in downtown Summerlin. He also sleeps in Queensridge where Nick (sic) resides with his family when Nick is out of town for projects.”


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